The Best Men’s Hiking Underwear of 2021

See our fully researched list of the best men’s hiking underwear, followed by a recap breaking down what makes each product on our list stand out. Dressing properly for a hike can be tricky business.

You want clothes that are durable and warm, but that will still let you breathe. You don’t want to be cold in the morning, but you don’t want to be drenched in sweat once the sun comes up either. Being improperly dressed or prepared really take all of the enjoyment out of a hike.

We want you to enjoy your experience in the great outdoors, and that means wearing the right clothes that will keep you comfortable for your entire hike. In pursuit of that goal, we’ve compiled this list of the best men’s hiking underwear out there. So you can keep your temperature in that Goldilocks Zone and focus on the amazing nature around you instead of how cold or hot you are.

Carry on reading to see our full list of the best men’s hiking underwear, followed by a recap breaking down what makes each product on our list stand out. Or jump straight to our number #1 pick here.

What Should You Look For in Men’s hiking underwear?

So what makes a pair of underwear good for hiking? It’s not a question most people are used to asking. Knowing what to look for is obviously the first step in any purchase, and we want you to understand our thought process. That’s why we’ve plainly laid our criteria out below. This way, you can understand how we chose the products on our list, and you can think about what you should look for and be more prepared to do your own research.

Criteria #1: Comfort – I think we all understand this one. Hiking can be exhausting, depending on the trail, and it may be hard to be really comfortable during the hike, and we don’t want poorly made underwear adding to that discomfort. We’re only looking for pairs of underwear that will make you feel completely free during your hike.

Criteria #2: Durability – A little wear and tear is a natural consequence of hiking. You’re going to be moving around a lot, and you’re going to get caught on the occasional thorn. We trust you to recover from those little scrapes just fine, but not all pairs of underwear can take that beating. Hiking underwear is not supposed to be a one-time-use product, and we only want you to buy pairs that will be able to take more than a season’s worth of trail time.

Criteria #3: Breathability – I don’t think I need to tell you this, but you do not want your underwear to be a pool of sweat at the end of your hike. It’s very important that you find a pair of hiking underwear that lets your nether regions breathe a little so you can stay cool even after you’re halfway up the trail and your blood’s started pumping. Remember that breathable doesn’t have to equal thin. Just because your pair of underwear stops you from getting too hot, doesn’t mean it has to force you to be too cold.

Criteria #4: Price – We’re not here to make you spend a ton of money for no reason. Meeting this criterion is less about being cheap and more about justifying your price. We’d rather buy an expensive product that’s cheaper than it should be than waste money on a cheaper product that isn’t worth the money and that will just break on you or not perform well.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Men’s Hiking Underwear

We measured the specs of the top products on the market against our listed criteria to see how they held up and if they’re worth buying. We then checked customer reviews, blog posts, and “best men’s hiking underwear” articles to see if the products on our list performed as advertised.  We also left boxers off our list because that lack of support is generally not ideal for hiking. That being said, if you prefer boxers, there are certain products for you that are geared for the outdoor lifestyle.

And without further ado, here is our list – tailored to your specific needs – of the best men’s hiking underwear. 

#1: Boody Body EcoWear Men’s Boxer Brief (Best Value – All-Purpose)

Boxer-briefs made of bamboo might sound a little off-putting, but don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. The Boody Body EcoWear Men’s Boxer Briefs are some of the most comfortable and functional pairs of hiking underwear on the market, and they come in sizes from small to extra-large, so nobody will feel left out. These pairs of men’s hiking underwear have a design that features seamless sides, which means less chafing and more comfort, and they come with a super-comfortable no-roll waistband.

On top of that, this pair of Boody Body boxer briefs features ribbed contouring to offer extra support. And, most importantly, these boxer briefs will keep you nice and cool during even the hottest hikes of the summer. They are quick-drying, so you won’t have to sit in your own sweat, and you’ll be able to quickly wash them before packing up without rushing too much.

Boody Body takes the ethical sourcing of its products very seriously, and the great benefit of the bamboo design is that these pairs of men’s underwear are completely vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, the bamboo is sustainably sourced and much better for the environment than some other materials. Of course, bamboo is also a great alternative to the more common merino wool if you have a wool allergy. You might hear “sustainably-sourced” and think “expensive,” but these bamboo-made boxer briefs are actually cheaper than most merino wool-based pairs.

In addition to being featured on many blog posts, Amazon customers loved these boxer briefs, but they did point out that they run a little small, so it may be a good idea to buy one size larger than your usual. If you want affordable, comfortable, quick-drying, and environmentally friendly underwear for hiking, you’ll have to go with the moisture-wicking Boody Body EcoWear Men’s Boxer Brief.

#2: ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief (Best Product)

If the Boody Body EcoWear Men’s Boxer Brief product wasn’t quite what you’re looking for, you might be more interested in the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Briefs. While the ExOfficio Give-N-Go boxer briefs are a little bit more expensive than the Boody Body EcoWear underwear, sometimes it’s worth it to splurge. If you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, here are some reasons you might decide to go with the ExOfficio Give-N-Go hiking underwear instead of the number one product on our list.

Reason #1 to Choose This Product: No Ride Up

Anyone who’s done their fair share of hiking knows how brutal those steep inclines can get, and how much all of those wide steps can get your underwear out of position. We don’t want you to have to stand there fixing your wedgie in the middle of a hiking trail while your friends all wait for you, and neither does ExOfficio. This nylon- and elastane-made underwear is specially designed not to ride up, so you can be comfortable for the whole trail and not waste precious time embarrassingly adjusting your underwear. These boxer briefs will provide you will all the support and comfort you need without getting a little too overzealous and invading your personal space.

Reason #2 to Choose This Product: Durable Waistband

The waistband on this pair of boxer briefs is specially designed to stretch and then retain its size, so it will always be the perfect fit for you. Besides adding some much-appreciated comfort, this also means that the waistband will be nice and durable, so you won’t find this pair of boxer briefs wearing out after just a few hikes. The ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief will get you through a solid summer or two of constant hiking.

In addition to the ride-up-prevention and the durable waistband, this pair of hiking underwear is made of quick-drying fabric and a moisture-wicking mesh. You’ll be able to pack these up or wear them right after washing them, and you won’t have to feel gross and sweaty after your relaxing hike. These boxer briefs have also been given the full odour-resistant antimicrobial treatment, so you’ll smell just as good at the end of your hike as you did at the beginning. Your friends will thank you.

So, if you’re interested in an environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced bamboo design, you should go with our number one pick, the Boody Body EcoWear Men’s Boxer Brief. But if you want the most comfort imaginable and a long-lasting pair of men’s hiking underwear, get the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief.

#3: Thermajohn Men’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear (Best for Winter)

Get the Thermajohn Underwear here…

If you get cold easily like I do, then you know how miserable it can be to be stuck on a winter- or even fall- or early-spring-hike and realize about ten minutes in that you’re underdressed. If you want a nice pair of thermal hiking underwear that will get you through those colder hikes, you’ll definitely want to check out Thermajohn Men’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear.

This two-piece bundle includes thermal underwear and a thermal undershirt. It’s sure to keep you nice and warm even when you’re high up in the mountains during the colder months. This set of winter underwear is made from ultra-soft polyester and spandex materials that will you keep just as comfortable as you are warm. Obviously, the longer design, which will cover more skin, helps keep you warm, but so will the thermal material itself, which will help you stay warm and loose while you’re hiking in the brisk winter air.

The huge bonus of thermal material like this is that one lightweight underlayer of clothing can be the difference between needing a bulky winter jacket or being comfortable without one. This will give you much more freedom of movement while hiking, and you won’t need to stay off the trails just because it’s gotten a little chilly out. There’s no reason hiking has to be strictly a summer sport.

Of course, if you’re just not a fan of cold weather (guilty as charged), thermal underwear can be a great investment just to make being out and about in the city a little more bearable until things warm up a bit, or an amazing way to cut back on heating costs while you enjoy the “indoor weather.”

Just as with the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief, Thermajohn recommends that you buy a size larger than what you normally would. You definitely don’t want to be restricted by tight underwear when it’s covering most of your body and not just your private parts. But, as we said, even tight thermal underwear will feel much less restrictive than a big winter jacket. So if you’re interested in staying on the trail and enjoying the great outdoors all year round, the Thermajohn Men’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear is exactly what you’re looking for.

All of the reviewers loved it and said it kept them nice and warm without being too expensive. The only complaint was that it was too tight, but this is easily avoidable if you follow Thermajohn’s advice and buy a bigger size. So turn hiking into a year-round activity with this amazing pair of fleece-lined synthetic underwear.

#4: Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour 2.0 6-inch Compression Shorts (Best Compression Shorts)

If you like a bit of a longer fit in your underwear, you may be more interested in compression shorts than boxer briefs. And if you’re looking at compression shorts, you can’t go wrong with the Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour 2.0 6-inch Compression Shorts.

These compression shorts, which are made out of polyester and elastane, are made from a special tough-but-light HeatGear fabric to keep you cool. These compression shorts also have strategically placed inseams that give excellent ventilation, and there are no seams on any of the high-abrasion areas that are prone to chafing. Plus, these Under Armour compression shorts are specifically made with moisture-wicking in mind so that you don’t have to deal with any extra sweat or feel disgusting once you reach the top of your hike.

The longer design will make you feel a little less restricted than tight briefs or boxer briefs, and Under Armour designed this product specifically with mobility in mind. It has a 4-way stretch construction that lets you move better in every direction, so you’ll have no problem climbing, leaping, stepping, or lunging over any bush, stream, or boulder you come across. Finally, Under Armour kept everyone in mind with these compression shorts, as they come in more sizes than you can imagine, starting at extra-small and going all the way up to 4X-large.

As if anything needs to be said about a company as well-known as Under Armour, the reviews for this pair of hiking underwear speak for themselves. Without thousands of positive buyer reviews, you can take your pick from the whole crowd to find someone who had praise for these pairs of underwear.

Everyone loved the comfort, and one customer raved about the fact that these shorts have pockets, so packing for your hike just got that much easier. Especially if you appreciate a longer fit, the Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour 2.0 6-inch Compression Shorts are some of the best hiking underwear around.

#5: Saxx Underwear Men’s Briefs – Ultra Men’s Underwear (Best Briefs)

We listed the Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Armour 2.0 6-inch Shorts for anyone who wants a little more movement, but if you like to be nice and snug down there during your hikes, you’ll want a great pair of briefs for your men’s underwear for hiking. Saxx’s boasts that these briefs “have a lower rise, slighter looser relaxed fit and anti-roll waistband” and that “the men’s underwear briefs are made from super soft moisture-wicking fabric.” If you buy these briefs, you’ll have a comfortable, snug fit that will offer for mobility on any hike or other physical activity.

These briefs also come designed with a pouch that will help everything stay in place and give you the most security to go with your comfort. On top of that, you’re getting 3D fit for complete ergonomic comfort, and flat-out seams to prevent irritation and chafing. And less material means more room to breathe, so you’ll be completely sweat-free for all of your hiking and exercise.

You really don’t need to go any further than the reviews to see how great these pair of briefs really are. One reviewer claimed, “Honestly the best undies I’ve ever worn,” while another exclaimed, “Best underwear you will ever put you guys into!” and finally a third stated, “Saxx all I wear nowadays.”

I should mention that these briefs are the most expensive product on our list, but that’s the price you pay for that Saxx vibe, and the truth is, they’re still not all that expensive. These briefs offer freedom, moisture-wicking, and a quick-drying design that’s completely machine washable. When you’re looking at the best hiking underwear, briefs or otherwise, you have to look at Saxx Underwear Men’s Briefs – Ultra Men’s Underwear.

Verdict: Your Best Men’s Hiking Underwear 

There you have it – we’ve shown you boxer briefs, briefs, compression-based shorts, and long john underwear, and we hope you’ve found the best hiking underwear for you. If you still can’t make your decision, don’t worry. We’re going to recap all of our products below to refresh your memory and help you focus on what you need in your hiking underwear for men.

If you want the best value for money, pick the Boody Body EcoWear Men’s Boxer Brief.

Boody Body offers an environmentally-friendly, cheap, and comfortable pair of hiking boxer briefs that will keep you cool and dry. These comfortable briefs are made of quick-dry fabric and are odor resistant thanks to their moisture-wicking properties and antimicrobial properties. Besides being cheap, comfortable, and functional, this pair of underwear is also perfect for anyone who wants to avoid merino wool underwear either because of allergies or for any other personal reason.

If you need a durable waistband, pick the ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief.

The ExOfficio Give-N-GO underwear might be the best hiking underwear overall, and its claim to fame is probably its durable waistband. This pair of underwear for hiking features a stretching waistband that will fit any size and stay in place, so you can stick with this odor-control, merino-wool-free pair of underwear for multiple hiking seasons. Just like the Boody Body bamboo boxer briefs, this pair of hiking underwear for men features moisture-wicking and quick drying.

If you want to keep something for the winter, pick Thermajohn Men’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear.

The last thing you want is to be cold while you’re about on the trail. If you need to stay warm and active during the winter, this pair of long johns is exactly what you’re looking for. It will save you the hassle of dealing with a restrictive winter jacket while still keeping you nice and warm. You’ll be the king of the elements with the best underwear for winter out there.

Remember to think about your needs when making your purchase to make sure you get the best pair of men’s underwear for you. If our highlighted products above aren’t what you’re looking for, you may be interested in the long-fitting Under Armour shorts that feature moisture-wicking sport mesh, or the freedom of the Saxx Underwear Men’s Briefs – Ultra Men’s Underwear. No matter what, try to make sure your private parts are getting the treatment they deserve while you’re out on the hiking trail. It can really make or break the experience.

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